ULTIMATE FACE-OFF: Managed vs Unmanaged Server

ULTIMATE FACE-OFF: Managed vs Unmanaged Server

If you are planning to have a new business website, it’s highly recommended to have a good and reliable web hosting provider and server that will suit your business needs. You might as well list some of the criteria of the server that you want to consider in order to find the right server that can fulfill your website requirements.

There are major differences between managed server and unmanaged server where both of them have its pros and cons. In this blog post, we give a detailed explanation on the pros and cons of both managed and unmanaged server so that you can choose the best that will suit your every business need.

The Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged Servers

Managed vs Unmanaged Server

Unmanaged dedicated server is the type of server where you will be responsible from the beginning of the process starting from installing updates and patches, maintaining server and ensuring the server is up and running.

Managed dedicated server, however, refers to the arrangement in which the web host is in charge of all the technical parts of the site to keep the server up-to-date and running smoothly. If the server experiences downtime, then the hosting company will help to get it done online for you.

Pro And Cons Of Using Unmanaged Servers

best unmanaged servers



Pros of Unmanaged Servers

If you are technically savvy with servers, an unmanaged server is likely the right choice. At the same time, you will get the chance to enhance your skills and knowledge technically.

Cons of Unmanaged Servers

But if you are lacking in technical skills required for the server, but still need the unlimited aspects available with having your site (or sites) on their own dedicated server, a managed server is the right choice. It is very difficult and very expensive to own one.

Pros and Cons Managed Servers

Managed Servers

Pros of Managed Servers

Many web hosts will allow you to switch from a managed plan to an unmanaged plan later as soon as you acquire the necessary skills. Some however will allow you to switch from unmanaged to managed and vice versa if your the server is upkept, and lacks the maintenance and technical requirements in order to keep it running smoothly. You can also rent your managed server at low cost.

Cons Of Managed Servers-

When you are using managed server, you are actually renting the server from the hosting company. Thus in short, you have not bought it properly. It will be very costly and expensive to purchase it. However it depends on the promotion value which is given by the company for low-end to high-end server.

For the best experience, I would like to suggest for business owners to start using the managed server for your online business. It is better for your website compared to unmanaged server. You can actually focus on your own business operation and there is a little need to hire technical persons as the hosting company will do everything for you at a lower cost..

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