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Prevent the Most Dreaded Consequences

All of us would have encountered one or many of the following scenarios:

Computer-Crash data backup

Computer Crash

Virus-and-Malware-Infection data backup

Virus and Malware Infection

Hardware-Failure-and-Damage data backup

Hardware Failure and Damage

Theft-and-Loss data backup

Theft and Loss

Prevent Is Better Than Cure

Cyber-attacks against businesses of all sizes are rising and doing more harm than ever. Data backup is crucial for any organisation because data is a precious asset, and not having a data recovery plan put a business at risk.

Fully Managed Data Backup Solution

Signetique Backup Solution provides a fully managed, cloud-based data recovery solution. It enables proactive, remote administration and monitoring, whilst reducing disk / tape backup administration associated with conventional backup methods.

Signetique Backup reduces your backup burden and minimize data loss. It allows you to focus on strategic projects as you are confident of fast and reliable data recovery. To find out which data Backup solution best suit your need, click below to find out more.

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