Internet Security Trends for 2019

Internet Security Trends for 2019

Technological innovation has seen a lot of progress in recent times. These internet security trends have brought in a lot of benefits for the users. But the trends for internet security are also changing as these innovations are being negatively used by the attackers as well. Below mentioned are some of the predictions in the field of internet security that is expected to affect the market soon.

1. AI will be aiding assaults in security trends

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have earned a lot of recognition in recent times and the hackers have developed an added interest in using AI-based power frameworks to target operations of multiple businesses. The AI systems are known to host a huge amount of information. The attackers are going to turn this helpful innovation against the users and get access to all the data they need at once. They can even use these systems to bring in malicious codes to corrupt the logic, and thus affect their functioning.


2. AI will help to counter attacks and detect vulnerabilities

There is a bright side to the stories of AI security as well. The modern systems of threat identification are already using the ability of machine learning to recognize the threats that are totally new to the generation. Artificial intelligence can be effectively used to safeguard the surrounding from falling prey to cyber attacks. The latest idea that can be stated as an example is the usage of AI by the organization for launching series of attacks in a simulated environment to detect the vulnerabilities on the website so that they can effectively take care of it before the attackers can discover the same. This is just one way and the field for using AI to enhance cybersecurity is huge.


3. IoT will form the platform for more dangerous attack

The attacks of Distributed Denial of Service are already exploiting numerous IoT devices in recent times. These attacks are infecting the devices for sending traffic in crippling volumes to the websites of the victims. Though they have not received the deserving attention of the media lately, it is expected that the DDoS attacks will be more threatening in the coming days. The IoT devices with poor security are an increasing target among the hackers for numerous malicious activities apart from DDoS attacks. The IoT devices known to meet the gap of the physical world to the digital arena are at more risks. The risk is even more for the networks of communication and power distribution. The home-based devices can also be turned into a weapon. A simple example can include a nation working to shut down the smart thermostats during the harsh winter in an enemy nation.


4. The governmental agencies will bring in an increased threat

The interference of the government spy agencies is already prominent. It is expected to rise even more this year. They are expected to incorporate more advanced technologies and hire more talents. They will then be using these resources against the law obeying citizens to monitor all of their actions. There is no way that you can fight against the ultimate authority of the nation. The states are also taking an added interest in the process. That means the states are also forming their own teams to stay at par with the central government to spy on the citizens. As soon as they come across any discrepancy, they are going to launch assaults. The freedom will not be the same anymore and the users will have to be constantly conscious of their internet activities if they do not want to suffer the consequences.


5. Data theft is going to turn into data manipulation

Hackers are going to bring in increased adaptations to the technological advancements. The days of data-stealing are going to turn even worse. The professional hackers are already starting to change their methodologies and starting to shift from stealing data and hacking websites to attacking the integrity of the data as a whole. This is expected to serve the motives for longer terms when compared to the straightforward ways of stealing data. It will incur damage to the reputation of the organization, groups or individuals as an increased count of individuals will be questioning the data integrity. Data mining is just what we already hate and manipulation is just going to add on to the disgust.


6. The war against ransomware will turn critical

Security trends can affect cybercriminals as well. Ransomware is the latest one in the market. This is because the organizations persist to fail in maintaining the pace especially in terms of security updates in the case of applications that are on their premises. The payments for ransomware have crossed the million mark a lot ago and is racing high up with a rocketing speed. SamSam is known to have paid nearly $6 million alone as ransomware to hackers. It is easy to transmit and a simple scam through email phishing can serve the purpose for the hackers. They can simply lock down the entire system by using malware. Once the malware is spread, there is no chance that you can get access back to your system unless you pay the money.

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