SSL Certificate Warranty

SSL Certificate Warranty

In Signetique, we believe it is important to protect the end user and customers that we values. Thats why we encourage all of our clients to implement SSL certificate to their website. In case if the ssl fail to properly validate the information contained in a digital certificate, and the failure causes the end-user to lose money in connection with a fraudulent online credit card transaction, then the end-user may have a claim to recovery under our certificate warranty. (see complete Relying Party Warranty and Agreement for complete details.)


You and your user’s security is our first priority. We believe the warranty provides peace of mind of the accuracy of the certificate information and therefore helps our customers to sell more products. Most importantly, we value our validation techniques and are able to offer higher warranty limits than some of our CA competitors. You can still get SSL service instantly without compromising validation speed.


Note: The Warranty amount is varied for each SSL certificate plan and the structure might be complicated. Kindly contact us to understand in detail about SSL warranty before signup.

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What is SSL?

An SSL certificate is a special file on your web server that enables encrypted security for online communications. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors’ web browser allowing for private information (example: credit card details) to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery.

To enable SSL on a website, one will need to get an SSL Certificate that identifies him/her/the business and install it on the server. If you’ve ever bought anything online, you would’ve probably used SSL without realizing it. The use of an SSL certificate on a website is usually indicated by a padlock icon in web browsers but it can also be indicated by a green address bar.


Read detail information about SSL certificate here

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