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Manage Dedicated Email Server cares about your Privacy and the Flexibility you need for your business. Signetique truly understand that having a reliable email service is crucial to most businesses. Manage Dedicated Email Server deliver the optimal email service for your business, mail servers can become complex and difficult to set up. This includes setting up hardware, mail agent, webmail, spam filter and many moving parts.

A Combination of Three Makes our Manage Dedicated Email Server Even Stronger

Enterprise-Grade Server

Specially designed with fast processor and high Capacity of RAM to provide better security & reliability in handling heavy workload.

SmarterMail Email Solution

Excellent alternative solution that provides users with the same experience as Microsoft Exchanges but for a much lower cost.

Anti Spam Solution

Advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern detection to eliminate email spamming up to 99.98% of all inbound & unsolicited bulk emails.

Start Deploy Your Managed Dedicated Email Server Now

  • Server Management Services
  • Server Daily Backup with R1Soft
  • DDos Mitigation
  • 2X Dedicated IP

We Make Your Communication Much Easier

Making connection between your team members will enhance the productivity and
better collaboration.

Mobile Friendly Webmail

Access your email, calendars, contacts and more regardless of whether you’re in the office, on the road or at home using your favourite web browser and SmarterMail’s leading webmail interface via workstations, smartphones or tablets.

Sync to Any Device You Use

Don’t want to use webmail? No problem! Support for a variety of syncing methods, including POP, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, XMPP, EAS, EWS and more, means you also have the flexibility of using your preferred desktop or Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry mobile email client.

Improve Team Collaboration

Integrated with collaboration tools, Smartermail allows to share your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes and truly collaborate with anyone in your company, department or even across a group of users within your organization.

Benefit Of Manage Dedicated Email Server

Fully Setup Email Solution

Fully Setup Email Solution

The solution includes dedicated server, Smartermail business email, SpamExperts anti-spam – all completely configured and get ready for you. It is the simplest way you can get a powerful email solution for your business.

Large Bandwidth, Smooth Email

Large Bandwidth, Smooth Email

Signetique Email Server Solution provides a whopping 100Mpbs bandwidth. Besides, SmarterMail’s file storage feature allows users to upload files to the server and share them via downloadable links. This is very useful for sending large attachments without causing the spool to slow.

Less Spam, More Producivity

Less Spam, More Productivity

SpamExperts anti spam in Signetique Managed Dedicated Email Server can help to reduce your staff working hours dealing with spams. The incoming email filters have an industry leading rate of nearly 100% filtering accuracy with close to 0 false positives.

Incoming Emails Failover

Incoming Emails Failover

In case your mail server is momentarily unreachable, SpamExperts incoming fliter will collect the emails and attempt to redeliver as soon as possible, rather than sending a delivery failure to the person who sent the email.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Signetique Managed Dedicated Email Server, we aim to provide the highest levels of protection and security for your dedicated server. Server security ranging from your firewall to regular software patches to keep your managed server protected and your system up-to-date.

Full Control and Flexibility

Managed Services

Our services include everything from full system administration, advanced monitoring, back-up solutions, OS troubleshooting, on demand malware removal, DDoS Protection and beyond. This helps you free up your resources, so you can focus on your business interests.

Dedicated Email Server Interface

Looking for More Advance Email Server?

The plans above typically work for most development.
But if you need anything more advanced, Contact Us.

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