Choosing Best VPS Provider in Singapore: Surefire STRATEGY!

Choosing Best VPS Provider in Singapore: Surefire STRATEGY!

If you want to choose the best VPS hosting provider for your website, you will have to consider some of these tips. And when we talk about Windows VPS what we mean is a Virtual Private Server that runs the operating system of Microsoft known as Windows Server. There are a number of different versions of Windows servers that are in use today, with quite a number of them using less system resources than others.

First, What is Managed Windows VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a virtualized server. A VPS hosting environment imitates a dedicated server that exists within a shared hosting environment. It is technically viewed as both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Our team noticed that many businesses choose the wrong VPS providers because they failed to consider some of the most important factors as listed below:

Most Important Factors to Choose VPS Hosting Providers

Important Factors to Choose VPS Hosting

1. Server Configuration

The speed and performance of a website mostly depends on the configuration of your server. Processors Capacity, RAM allocation, and disk size also matter when it comes to speed and performance. The quality of the physical machine on which the VPS is created is also crucial. This is the basic consideration because the weaker the foundation, the weaker the construction. For that reason, the physical machine should be of high capacity and trusted brand.

2. Customer/Technical Support

Troubles can still arise even when everything seems perfect. During such times, you will need customer support team to help you out. If they are unable to solve those problems, then basically they are not worth of your money. If you bring up some serious issues with your website and it goes unsettled for too long, you may lose your prospective web visitors and that could mean a big loss depending on the type of website you’re currently running. Investigate and know the quality of customer support of the hosting providers. Always go for hosting providers that provide reliable 24/7 customer support/technical support.

3. Scalability and Redundancy

Generally speakking, having a backup reserve in place means redundancy. Users should really have a backup reserve of anything they install. If you frequently face increased loads on server, scalability is needed to handle such situations by utilizing the redundant resources. Redundancy and Scalability together ensure consistent performance and higher uptime.

4. Uptime & Downtime

When your site is down, it will be hard for customers and potential clients to find and locate your products or services. It doesn’t matter if you have great features to boast, or how good they look; having your site down means your web visitors (both potential & existing customers) will be turned away. All services will suffer ups and downs, sometimes beyond your control. Websites that fail to solve the downtime issues in a timely manner will suffer the consequences.

5. Operating system

The operating system of a server also plays an important role that worth consideration. Windows VPS supports a huge range of applications and is very user friendly. There are some applications like ASP, ASP.NET, etc. that works better when supported by Windows VPS. So, if you wish to install any of these, you should go for Windows based VPS.

6. Managed Level

Get VPS hosting that provides patching, backup, security monitoring, Parallels Plesk, and more. Compared to having a dedicated team of server admin experts, it is actually more economical. So, from costing point of view, it is wiser to choose managed Windows VPS.

7. Price

When dealing with any purchase, prices will always play an important part in your decision making; same goes to choosing your hosting provider. Prices vary for VPS hosting, and they merely depends on the variability and nature of the hosting environment. VPS hosting cost also depends on numerous factors, such as customization options, different hardware specs, service levels, and many more.

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We hope the tips we provided are valuable when it comes to choosing the best vps hosting provider and experience. Remember, as a paying customer, you deserve to receive the most satisfying products and services (including quality and reliable tech and customer support)!

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