How to make sure your website is safe?

How to make sure your website is safe?

It is unbelievable for some that even websites can get hacked. With the gradual technological developments, technological loop-holes are ruling the atmosphere and one of them is the issue of website security.


Why it is important to have Website Security?

Do you run a website for any business or personal work? Then make sure that your website is safe and secured. It is very important to make your website secured for a variety of reasons. Website security ensures:

  1. Prevention of any malware or viruses getting uploaded in your website.
  2. Prevention of any spam e-mails that your unsafe website may send without your knowledge.
  3. Website security gives assurance to your visitors that they are on a safe platform.
  4. Website security will provide your website with a better rank in the search engines.
  5. Website security is going to protect your personal information and business from getting spied or hijacked.


Things which happen when your Website is not secured

When your website is not secured, it becomes an easy target for hackers to hack your website and get all your business and personal information. They may use your information or may share those with any other third party. The hackers use a wide range of hacking tools. The common ones are:

1. Man in The Middle Attack

This is the tool with which the hackers secretly take out all your personal details by accessing your website through the hacker’s browser.

2. Malware

The hackers can inject malware to your website through codes. Your website can get malware or virus infected through several pop-up ads or offers website which you may click unintentionally.

It is quite upsetting that despite the website being yours, is no more going to be your own. But if you maintain precautions for website security, you are at low risk. Identifying that you are on the safe side is a big worry. So, here are the facts that will help you to make sure if your website is secured or not.

Identifying a secured website

There are two pivotal ways one uses to make their website safe and secured. If your website has incorporated these two ways then it is said to a “secure website”.

1. Website with a secured HTTPS

If your website it hosted on HTTPS, be calm your website in safe. Normally, websites are hosted on HTTP. HTTP is not a secure host point. With HTTP, hackers can take up information from your website and can hack it easily. But with HTTPS, a secure encrypted connection is established and no hacker can hack any of your information. HTTPS will even make your website hold a good ranking in Google search. Google has made it clear that HTTPS is a factor which gets considered while website ranking is formulated.
So, if your website is not secured with HTTPS, hurry up and make it secured with HTTPS. You are just going to need an SSL Certificate for HTTPS. It is easy to install and not expensive at all.


2. Website with a Security Seal

If your website is having a security seal, it is definitely a secured website. A security seal for the website helps to monitor the malware which may harm your website. This works like anti-virus for your website. It is very normal for us that we use an anti-virus for our PCs for having a secured internet usage. Likewise, we must make our website secured with this anti-malware, anti-hacking security seal. This security seal notifies the user as soon as it encounters any malware so that they can remove it immediately. There are also some kinds of Website Security Seals which will update you with malware infected files too and will remove those with a single click. The list of some of the free website security tools which are worth using for your website security includes Netsparker, OpenVAS,, and Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework. If your website is not secured with a site security tool, you can use any one of these free site security tools and make your website free from any malware.

Other signs

For grabbing a good amount of traffic for websites, the owners sometimes make it open for the visitors to post on to the website. But this can be fatal for the safety of your website. If your website does not allow any of its visitors to post anything, then it is in safe grounds. Posting anything which looks innocent in your website, may not be innocent in real. It can actually have such scripts covered which on execution may hack your website completely.

It is natural for the website owners that they have a need to satisfy their visitors and for that, they allow the users to post on the website. But there are many other ways one can use to hold the visitors for their websites. You can provide them with a business e-mail id where the visitors can mail their contents and after tight scrutiny, you can upload that. This will maintain your website security and the satisfaction of the visitors.


These info are too overwhelming? Want a better and easier way to protect your website? No problem, we provide all-in-one web security solution for you to protect, monitor and recover from website hacking.

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