Is Managed Windows Dedicated Server As GOOD As It Claims To Be?

Is Managed Windows Dedicated Server As GOOD As It Claims To Be?

Recently, many are looking for managed dedicated servers, but a large number of them might not know why they need one. Thus we’ve prepared a MUST READ: 7 Reasons To Go Dedicated (Windows)! A MUST READ Before Signing Up.

Managed Windows Dedicated Servers

1. DDoS Protection (Denial of Service) is a serious attack that blocks anyone from accessing your website. Imagine the number of your daily website visitors is 1000. When your website is down for 24 hours, you would have turned away 1000 visitors, with some of them being your new visitors. They might not come back again. By using Managed Windows Dedicated Server solution, your server will always be updated with new patches and security to deny attacks from all the Zombies.

Managed Windows Dedicated

2. Windows provides FAST backup and restoration. Good GUI helps users to manage their backup easily. No technical know-how is needed from your part.

Unmetered bandwidth Managed Windows Dedicated Servers

3. Unmetered bandwidth means your service provider don’t charge extra fees for high bandwidth usage. For example, upon a launch of product promotion, your website may experience high traffic. In this case, your server costs will still remain while your business/income increases. Nice!

Managed Windows Dedicated Server is most compatible

4. Managed Windows Dedicated Server is most compatible with Microsoft applications. Users can efficiently run and access, for instance, Microsoft Exchange on the fly.

Windows platform provides complete integration for database servers

5. Windows platform provides complete integration for database servers like MSDE, MySQL or MSSQL. Managed Windows Dedicated Servers also provide better performance in comparison to other platforms. The server will remain stable even if it experiences high server loads.

ASP and .NET scripts

6. Window dedicated server hosting solution can provide significant advantages for those who use ASP and .NET scripts. Users can efficiently run and access software or applications created on programming platform.

unique IP address

7. A Dedicated server comes with its own unique IP address. On the contrary, on shared hosting, you are sharing an IP address with multiple other websites. If one of your neighbors happens to be a spam site, it could have your website rank pushed down.

So here you go. Managed Windows dedicated server hosting does have quite a number of advantages which simply can’t be ignored. Our verdict? Yes, Managed Windows Dedicated Server hosting is a great solution, and you got to use it to know it. See how we provide all the above criteria at Managed Windows Dedicated Servers now !


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