The 5 Major Advantages of Using a Managed Windows Dedicated Server

The 5 Major Advantages of Using a Managed Windows Dedicated Server

In the old days when we thought about Computer Servers, we would think about the huge noisy black box located somewhere in the office. Not anymore.

Nowadays, if a business needs a Computer Server, the noisy black box doesn’t need to be in the office anymore. Due to increased speed of data transmissions, your server can now be located in a secure place, constantly being monitored by a group of professional and specialized server engineers.

Benefits of Using a Managed Windows Dedicated Server

No overhead on Managed Windows Dedicated Server


This means business owners do not have to invest their time and other resources to monitor their servers in the office anymore. They can go for Managed Windows Dedicated Servers, an economical way to access the resources of a full server. No overhead is needed to purchase or maintain the equipment.

Focus on your business


Managing Local server updates could be a tough task. Keeping up with new Anti-spam and virus protection can take so much effort. By going for a Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting provided by a reliable server hosting company, these tasks can be fully managed, giving the business owner peace of mind. In other words, you can now pass the difficult tasks to the professionals, and let them do all the hard work while you focus on your core business!



Advanced technical support is also provided by Managed Windows Dedicated Server hosting. When faced with a technical issue, did you think you’re going nowhere solving it? Well, you can actually count on the advanced technical support provided – save time, save resources.



Security management is one of the Major Benefits of Using a Managed Windows Dedicated Server. Firewall rules are common issues in Server Management. With managed services, you can control everything, ranging from ‘allow some’ to ‘deny all’, or ‘allow all to deny some’. By using a Managed dedicated server firewall being managed at the entry point of the server connectivity, you enjoy higher reliability without compromising the server speed.

a few clicks


With Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting, server monitoring and recovery can be carried out in front of a laptop/PC, all in the comfort of your home/office. No more walking to a cold Server Room. The best part is when something happens, recovery is just few clicks away.

With the above mentioned 5 Major Benefits of Using a Managed Windows Dedicated Server, why not take a look at our solutions below that are designed to cater to your every need? Get your Managed Windows Dedicated Servers now !


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