Looking for a Backup Solution for Servers? CloudStore is the answer!

Looking for a Backup Solution for Servers? CloudStore is the answer!

With the emergence of countless e-Commerce businesses these days, security has become a big concern. Online businesses are now faced with increasing threats that cause them to lose their important data. It’s not exaggerating to say that the fear of losing the valuable data has slowly become every business owner’s nightmare.

Backup to the Cloud

Here we just found a great remedy for you, the CloudStore Backup — a professional backup solution for every business. You don’t have to worry while running your business as all your data will be securely backed up in the cloud storage.

Benefits You Get From Using Cloud Store Backup

Check out some of the benefits you get from deploying Signetique CloudStore Backup solution:

More Mobility

You can now backup and restore your data anywhere and anytime in a minute. Imagine you are traveling somewhere far from your office, and you need to retrieve or backup certain files. With CloudStore Backup, you don’t have to travel all the way back to the office, or ask someone in the office to help you do it. You can easily get what you wish in less than a minute and still manage to travel at ease.

Ease of Usage

Signetique CloudStore features an intuitive user interface that is completed with a single click backup selection for your common backup options. This allows you to handle your own restoration and backup requirements all by yourself. Through this method you will be able to save your time and energy and focus on your core business.

Minimize Time and Bandwidth

The data-transfer technology has enabled the system to backup only the incremental changes on the files and folders. This will eventually help users to lower the cost of bandwidth (as there won’t be any backup done repeatedly) and continuously speed up the backup performance, ensuring the quality of the files and folders stored in the system. In addition, Signetique CloudStore Backup also enables its users to store only the ‘point in time’ versions and also the deleted files and folders.


With CloudStore Backup, you will get as much extra storage as you need as 100% scalability is guaranteed. Users will be able to upgrade whenever they want and they will be given as much space as they require. To increase the storage, all a user has to do is just place a request and inform them about his need. As business grows, scalability is no doubt a must for almost every business.

Signetique CloudStore Backup is a secure and cost-effectively cloud-based backup solution for professionals, SMEs and enterprises.

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