These Sum Up WHY Windows Hosting Is a Smart Choice!

These Sum Up WHY Windows Hosting Is a Smart Choice!

While most online businesses run pretty well on Linux, there are countless businesses that find it more comfortable to be on Windows platform. This is especially true if your website is running on ASP because they complement each other in a very efficient way. In this blog post, we will sum up Why Windows hosting is a smart choice.

Reliable For Windows Based Applications

For developers using Windows based applications, choosing Windows hosting will help them to run the applications much more smoothly. Since ASP program runs better on Windows hosting, it can provide comprehensive performance for the business. In terms of security, Windows is as perfectly secure and safe as Linux when configurations are done right.

High Performance Database

If you are running your business with Microsoft Access databases, Windows hosting will be a smart choice. Moreover, for high performance databases, Windows SQL Server is offered to manage all the required data in a much safer way without compromising on performance. This helps greatly in data management, making the entire process smoother and more reliable.

Better Business Scalability

Organizations’ needs changes over time. When this happens, website structure and content will need to change too. In this regard, Windows hosting is highly compatible with other internet based programming languages such as Java, PHP and MySQL. If you wish to have scalability for your business, Windows hosting is the way to go.

Reliable Tech Support

Through a supportive team of technicians and customer service officers, users of Windows hosting will be provided with a reliable post-sales service especially during critical crash and downtime. Shall anything happens, you can expect all issues to be attended to in the shortest time possible.

In a nutshell

With Linux and Windows having their both strengths and weaknesses respectively, the rumors that Windows hosting has a lot of security loopholes are no longer valid. For Windows hosting, reliability is always one of the strong points which shouldn’t be overlooked.

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