Differences Between Office 365 Vs Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Differences Between Office 365 Vs Microsoft Exchange Hosting

For many online businesses, the most time-consuming task is choosing the right cloud solution. This is especially true for your business email, when every important aspect should be taken into consideration before decision making.

To show you the big picture so that you can decide better, let us demonstrate a few differences between Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Hosting in this blog post.

Office 365 vs Microsoft Exchange

Basically the separate features and benefits of both are:

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

1. Multiple Choices – Through Microsoft Exchange Hosting, you can choose the version that you wish to run on. Most providers offer different Exchange environments for customers to choose from. The older the environment, the higher cost it needs to support it.

2. Assisted Migration – You have ample time for consideration when you want to upgrade. Although it depends on your hosting provider, migration might not cost you any penny. You can fully count on your provider for a smooth migration to the new hosting environment.

3. Email Comes First – The first thing you get from signing up for an Exchange Server is actually email. The mailbox size offered is always unlimited whether you prefer accessing them through Outlook or webmail, or both. You might also want to choose from different bundles that may offer different services.

Office 365 Vs Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Office 365

1. Lots of new apps – First of all, your team can have a great variety of apps to depend on. Since email isn’t the core service of Office 365, you will defintely get something beyond email through this service. It means you can now select the best options that you think can benefit you the most throughout your work.

2. Always the latest version – Through Office 365 you will be running only the latest versions of all applications and software. Application updates, services packs and upgrades will be pushed to your user devices. Through this way you can get updates and enhancement almost instantly.

3. Free Upgrades – Different from Microsoft Exchange, there is no charge from Microsoft other than your fixed monthly fees. And the best thing is all the upgrades are free. Always stay tuned with Microsoft as it will alert you with all the new updates needed.

Hope this blog post gives you a big picture of the differences between Microsoft Exchange Hosting and Office 365. We are also hopeful that with this you will get an idea which one is right for your business. Remember, choosing the right solution will ensure greater success for your business, and less conflict in the foreseeable future.


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