Turn Productivity Into a Competitive Advantage Using Business Email Solution

Turn Productivity Into a Competitive Advantage Using Business Email Solution

The introduction of business email solutions changes the way businesses communicate. These days, business email solutions have gained much popularity among business owners. Questioned are asked why it has become so important to businesses. Really, what can a business email solution do besides sending and receiving emails?

A lot.

#1 Remote Team Communication
These days, businesses have started to change its way in providing freelance work to remote employees, making business email solutions a perfect tool of communication and collaboration. Business email solutions can help you to manage your remote teams while you are still at your desk, and get the job done wherever you are.

#2 Sharing Contacts and Calendars
Your team members might be worried if their appointments or meetings clash but now, with the availability of Business Email Solution such as Signetique Business Email, this will no longer happen. By enabling sharing of schedules, contacts, and documents across the network, now your entire team can manage their time better, be fully prepared, and increase productivity.

#3 Ad Free Email Service
Are you worried that your emails contain unnecessary ads that will confuse your customers? Well, an email solution will definitely help as it comes with zero ads, and you can enjoy a perfect professional email template that will boost the confidence of your clients. In other words, users can now stay worry free and blast their emails with full confidence

#4 Daily Backup and Uptime
Users of business email solution don’t have to experience unnecessary downtime anymore when they need to send emails to their clients, partners or teams. The business email solution, such as Signetique Business Email comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee. Other than that, you will receive daily backup on your emails and have a fully secure business email solution for your business.

#5 Cost Effectiveness and Storage
Cost effectiveness is becoming one of the most important factors to be taken under consideration whenever you want to switch to a business email solution. The fact is, these days, business email solutions have become one of the most affordable email solutions to many businesses out there, not to mention its ability to act as a storage space for businesses to store their important data.

All in all, today’s business email solutions are more advanced, and are able to do a lot more for businesses, such as increasing productivity, efficiency and collaboration. In short, they are more than just an email account.

Try it, and you ‘ll love it!

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