20 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Hosting

20 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Hosting

Choosing a dedicated hosting server provider is essential, especially if you dream to grow really big. It offers a lot of benefits to the site owners. Below mentioned are the top 20 reasons for using a dedicated server to host your site.

1. Single-tenant environment

You will not have to share the same server with multiple users. Working in a single-tenant environment guarantees better work efficiency and helps you to maintain the reputation of your website.

2. You are growing

Shared servers cannot provide the right platform required for your full growth. This is one of the main reasons why people turn to use dedicated hosting so that they can attend to the increasing traffic without any difficulty.

3. Easy customisability

You can customize the site, applications, and other features easily when you host your site on a dedicated server. This allows a great deal of freedom and lets the owners align the sites in accordance with their business demands.

4. You need to manage email services for a lot of services

As your user count starts growing, you will be required to look after the email services for all of them. Choosing a dedicated hosting provider can simplify the task. It also lets you prevent the action of hackers and scammers and ensures the safety of your systems.

5. Pay for what you use

When you choose dedicated hosting, you do not need to pay up extra for the resources you will not be using. You can purchase the resources as much as you need it and saving unnecessary expenses.

6. Same data is being accessed by multiple users

When the same data is accessed by many users, the site must be prepared to handle the additional load. The resources of dedicated hosting allow you to maintain the efficiency of your site no matter how many users turn to your provided data.

7. Better performance

Creative designs of any website may fall uselessly if you cannot provide the ideal performance. Dedicated hosting helps you to reduce downtime and prevents lag on your website at all conditions.

8. VPN

The use of VPN on dedicated hosting servers has a lot of benefits ranging from secure device connection and reduces the dependence on the internet for communication among the internal systems.

9. An application demands a secure database

Third party applications need a secure database to work at full potential. It can be a tough job to use these software programs on shared hosting, thus making dedicated hosting the ideal choice for you.

10. Enhanced overall security

As your site will not be sharing the same resources with other multiple websites, you can enjoy a better sense of security for all your credentials. It is one of the most essential features, especially for e-commerce websites.

11. Private communications

Due to the enhanced security of the dedicated hosting, private communication with the audience and clients is much safer. It lets the organisation to stop using a middleman (internet) and exchange direct messages.

12. Management of shared resources

You can use a single computer to take care of the jobs that would have otherwise required multiple systems. Security, backup, data routing, etc. all can be efficiently dealt from a single machine.

13. Increased storage

Cloud hosting allows a lot of storage space for the websites. That means using dedicated hosting services makes it easier for the sites to handle much more data without affecting its performance.

14. Reduced load time for pages

Faster load time means more traffic generation and that automatically contributes to better conversion rates. The resources of dedicated hosting ensure that your site pages take minimal time no matter whatever device your users may be used to access the pages.

15. Efficient load management of traffic and server

Due to the additional resources, it becomes easy for you to manage the increased traffic load. It also confirms that the server maintains its capability to provide the performance it promised.

16. Data sync

It is ideal for intra-system data exchange within the computers of the organisation, thanks to the VPN allowances for dedicated hosting. It confirms the safety of sensitive data as well as secure file storage facilities.

17. Transparent

All terms and conditions, payments and other working on a dedicated hosting server are transparent. It is ideal for your users as well as it will be working to enhance their trust and loyalty to your site.

18. Value for money

The money that you pay to the providers of dedicated hosting servers is totally worth the service you will get. Also, the customer service for any issues you face is better to great extents when compared to that of shared hosting server providers.

19. Better staff management

While dedicated hosting brings in many reduced issues, your IT team can concentrate better on the goals of the organisation and the strategies set for its development. You will not be wasting any time and working better to expand your business.

20. Better preparation to handle disasters

Disasters can strike in anytime without a warning. Dedicated hosting acts like a bank vault that can withstand any threat and lets you access backup solutions for better management of the disaster.


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