All the features you need for Cloud VPS

Scale Easily

Our virtual machines allow you to scale your resources anytime, anywhere. Just a click of button, you are able to scale your hosting resources to cope your usage.

Easily Manage Your Server

We provide easy to manage dashboard for you to manage your server easily.

Deploy Your Project Instantly

Our system automatically deploys the instant your payment is received. Your Windows VPS will be up and ready in minutes.

Fast Loading SSD Storage

Experience the subsonic speed of SSD storage. Less latency, and IOPS of up to 100x more than normal drives for improved productivity.

Guaranteed Resources

Rest assured you get dedicated memory, storage and processing resources at all points in time. No more performance degradation caused by other abusive users.

Absolute Control

With administrative access, you have the control to host any type of application and manage the virtual machine the way you want to.

Your VPS is Safer with These Security Features

DDoS Protection

DDoS mitigation refers to the process of protecting a targeted server or network from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. It protects up to 2Gbps Attack & 100Mbps Clean Traffic. Available for VIP Management Plan.

R1Soft Daily Off Server Backup3

An Optional Addon to restore backup in data loss incidents. Users can run backups as frequently as every 15 mins, with no negative impact on server performance. Perfect for recovering hacked or malware infected websites.

Software Firewall

A host-based firewall that restricts incoming and outgoing network activities for the host only. It can prevent a host from becoming infected, and stop infected hosts from spreading malware to other hosts. Available for VIP Management Plan only.

Check out our Cloud VPS Plans

  • Plans
  • SSD 1SSD 1
  • SSD 2SSD 2
  • SSD 3SSD 3
  • SSD 4SSD 4
  • SSD 5SSD 5
  • SSD 6SSD 6
  • SSD 7SSD 7
  • SSD 8SSD 8
  • Memory
  • SSD 12 GB
  • SSD 24 GB
  • SSD 36 GB
  • SSD 48 GB
  • SSD 510 GB
  • SSD 612 GB
  • SSD 714 GB
  • SSD 816 GB
  • Core
  • SSD 12 core
  • SSD 22 core
  • SSD 33 core
  • SSD 43 core
  • SSD 54 core
  • SSD 64 core
  • SSD 75 core
  • SSD 85 core
  • SSD Disk
  • SSD 140 GB
  • SSD 260 GB
  • SSD 380 GB
  • SSD 4100 GB
  • SSD 5120 GB
  • SSD 6140 GB
  • SSD 7160 GB
  • SSD 8180 GB
  • Transfer
  • SSD 12 TB
  • SSD 23 TB
  • SSD 34 TB
  • SSD 45 TB
  • SSD 56 TB
  • SSD 67 TB
  • SSD 78 TB
  • SSD 89 TB
  • Price (1 year)
  • SSD 1S$30/mo
  • SSD 2S$55/mo
  • SSD 3S$90/mo
  • SSD 4S$110/mo
  • SSD 5S$137.5/mo
  • SSD 6S$165/mo
  • SSD 7S$192.5/mo
  • SSD 8S$220/mo

You will be supported 24x7

Need assistance while developing your projects? No worry, we are reachable for support 24×7 every day. Our friendly staff who are knowledgeable and helpful will help you solve all the problems and issues you are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the use of virtual hardware, storage, network and composite solutions from a cloud hosting provider. The entire computing capacity of an infrastructure or data center is distributed and delivered to multiple users simultaneously.

What is VPS?

Virtual private server (VPS) is a physical server which is housed in a data center. It is a portioned part of one of these servers that contains its own dedicated resources, including operating system, bandwidth, and disc space.

What type of Operating System do you offer?

We offer CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. You may also request for special OS if the need arises.

Are backup services provided?

Free backup service is not provided. Please feel free to Addon Fully Managed Off-Server Backup (R1Soft) to your Cloud Hosting order configuration.

Can I scale up my resources whenever I want?

Yes, you are able to scale up your server resources any time you want with just a click from our control panel.

Do you provide any support for setting up the hosting?

Yes, we provide 24×7 support on your hosting. Feel free to contact us or go to our knowledge base section for detailed guidelines.

We Guarantee

24x7 Technical Support
99.9% Network Uptime
100% Client Satisfaction