Business Continuity Monitoring

IT infrastructure monitoring should be an essential part of the IT Management Policy. Proactive monitoring provides business continuity, quicker disaster recovery and easier capacity planning for all mission critical applications.

Imagine this: You are an IT leader. You know you need to monitor the network, software system, end-user devices, etc. so you start to install different applications for each aspect. What you didn’t realize is that you ended up with a complex web of apps and each of this app doesn’t communicate with each other.

The outcome: You are slapped with a hefty IT bill (from the various apps), overwhelmed with multiple dashboards and run the risk of data breach.

This need not be the case if you deploy Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS). MaaS in the Cloud is a concept that combines the benefits of cloud computing technology and traditional on-premise IT infrastructure monitoring solutions. MaaS is well-suited for organizations looking to adopt a monitoring framework quickly with minimal investments.

Signetique’s MaaS offers proactive monitoring capabilities without you having to engage additional manpower to monitor them. It also streamlines the monitoring process and cuts down costs. Our solution monitors all aspects of your IT needs from server to web.

What’s more, the true benefit of Signetique MaaS lies in our expert interpretation of your data, and our recommendation for you to maximize your IT investments.

Computer Crash

Virus Infection

Hardware Failure

Web Application Monitoring


Monitor Application Performance

Provides detail analysis on application resource usage. Useful for critical application systems that cannot afford downtime.


Identify service bottlenecks

Able detect database, API calls, bandwidth or even applications bottleneck so that resources fully maximise to solve immediate issues.


Capacity planning

Enable server resource planning to better utilise and procure the appropriate amount of resources.


User Experience Monitoring

Simulate a real user entering the website from a remote location. Using the site loading speed, we are able to deduce the user experience of that particular user in that region.

Server Monitoring


Resource Utilization

Provides insights on the server utilisation such as CPU, memory and storage. Essential tool to determine if a server is suitable to take on more load.

Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Determine the reliability of the server hardware if optimal performance is achieved.

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