Defend against ransomware and other emerging threats with multilayered protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection is an all-in-one security software for businesses of various sizes. It comes with anti-malware, firewall and intrusion prevention features, and provides extremely powerful protection against even the most sophisticated attacks that evade traditional security measures, such as rootkits, zero-day attacks, and mutating spyware.

Blacklist Detection

Comprehensive Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection integrates best-of-breed technologies to stop security threats—even from the most devious new and unknown attackers—before they penetrate the network. It detects and blocks malicious software in real time, including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, and rootkits.

Stop Website Attacks and Hacks

Proactive Protection

Proactive Threat Scan is a unique Symantec technology used to score both good and bad behaviors of unknown applications, enhancing detection and reducing false positives without the need to create rule based configurations.


Industry’s Best Threat Landscape Intelligence

Symantec protection mechanisms leverage the industry-leading Global Intelligence Network to deliver an unparalleled view of the entire Internet threat landscape. This intelligence results in actionable protection and peace of mind against evolving attacks.

Single Agent, Single Console

Single Agent, Single Console

A full range of security technologies are integrated into a single agent and a centralized management console, with an intuitive user interface and Web-based graphical reporting.

Save Cost

Save Cost

Symantec Endpoint Protection increases protection and helps lower your total cost of ownership by reducing administrative overhead, and the costs associated with managing multiple endpoint security products with a single comprehensive solution.

Leverages Existing Security Technologies and IT Investments

Leverages Existing Security Technologies and IT Investments

Symantec Endpoint Protection works with other leading antivirus products, firewalls, IPS technologies, and network access control infrastructures. It also works with leading software deployment tools, patch management tools, and security information management tools.

More Than Just Antivirus

Symantec Endpoint Protection secures your servers from all attack vectors at industry leading efficacy with a single agent architecture

Advanced machine learning blocks new and emerging threats using trillions of samples of good and bad files in the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to power machine-learning results.

Behavior monitoring determines file risk by monitoring nearly 1,400 file behaviors while they execute in real time to block malicious files.

Memory exploit mitigation neutralizes zero-day exploits in popular software that has not been patched by the vendor using signatureless technology that works regardless of flaws, bugs, or other vulnerability.

High-speed emulation technology detects malware hidden by polymorphic custom packers. A static data scanner runs each file in milliseconds, in a lightweight virtual machine to force threats to reveal themselves, improving both detection rates and performance.

Network firewall and intrusion prevention technology analyzes incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks threats while they travel through the network before reaching endpoints.

Cloud-enabled Content Updates

Cloud-enabled content with automatic daily updates includes a reduced-sized set of definitions that provides full protection by blocking emerging threats, ransomware, and zero-day attacks.

Using the Symantec Intelligent Threat Cloud Service, when required, the client downloads or looks up the definitions in the cloud for better performance and speed.

SEP Cloud is backed up by Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network (GIN), which proactively analyzes malicious code data from 175 million endpoints globally and 98 million attack sensors1 in 157 countries, providing unique visibility and developing cutting edge security innovations to combat threats.

Maintenance provides continuous access to these critical content updates during the subscription term:

Scheduled and on-demand scans automatically perform cloud lookups for security

Content updates: at least 4 times per day and new updates are available every 30 minutes

15% reduction in scan time and 70% smaller content update size (vs SEP 12) using Intelligent Threat Cloud Service

Symantec has profiled more than 1.2 billion application instances and examined over 1,400 behavioral attributes to protect users from unknown malware

Discovered 401 million unique pieces of malware per year

How to get Symantec Endpoint Security

Symantec Endpoint Security is available for subscription when you sign up for
Signetique Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hosting

If you already own a Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hosting, please contact our friendly salespersons for further assistance.

Supported Systems

  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Windows Server

Terms and Conditions

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  2. Strictly NO REFUND is allowed for Symantec EndPoint Protection purchases.
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  4. You do agree to our terms of service available here.
  5. Signetique reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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