Assessment: Are You Securing Your BUSINESS EMAILS The Right Way?

Assessment: Are You Securing Your BUSINESS EMAILS The Right Way?

As we know, email is the first killer app that took the communication world by storm when it was first introduced to businesses and individuals worldwide. Today, setting up free email accounts are easy, and it’s common that people have more than 3 email accounts. At the same time, worms, viruses and malware are widely transmitted across emails – this scenario has post major threats to businesses worldwide.

Certainly, many emails now come with anti-virus software, but it is enough to defend the online threats that are just getting better day by day? Here are a few hacks on how to keep your emails safe:

Password Protection

Setting a secure password is not hard if you know what to do. Hackers around the globe have found the mechanism to guess passwords and it will be dangerous if you are using a password that is based on something you could easily remember, such as your car’s number plates, passport number etc. If you don’t know how to set a secure password, try ‘password generator’, which are easily available online. Moreover, changing your passwords as often as you can is also a good way to secure your emails are safe.


Using the encryption method can prevent your important data from being revealed to unknown people. Through this method, only you and the recipients will know the way to encrypt and decrypt the message sent through the emails. This method has been used long ago but is still proven to work in avoiding others from snooping your emails.

Scan and Update Your Software

This is another important aspect that should be taken into consideration to ensure your emails are safe and secure from threats. Make sure that your software is up to date with the latest virus definitions as viruses can ‘evolve’ until they successfully penetrate your system. Scan your emails at least twice a week to ensure optimum protection.

Implement Signetique Microsoft Exchange Hosting

If you feel that you have more important work to do than following the 3 methods as suggested above, don’t fret. You can do it the easiest way with Signetique’s email solution that is packed with the very powerful data-loss prevention techniques and 24 hours monitoring services. Implement it and you can enjoy time and cost-saving email hosting protection so that you can finally focus on your core business and enjoy peace of mind.

In fact, as online threats have evolved to become more powerful, businesses should also upgrade their online security solutions to avoid any hefty losses that are truly irreversible. It’s sad to tell, but ignoring the risk of online threats is no longer an option today.

Contact us now for free consultation. We’ll be glad to share with you how to secure your business emails the right way!

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