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Secure File Sharing Service with FileNubo

FileNubo is a secure file sharing service delivered through your own private cloud. It’s unlike many popular file sharing services built on public cloud infrastructure.

FileNubo allows you to store your sensitive files on your own private cloud storage and customise your security setup. Depending on your security requirements, you can define the level of security with optional hardware firewalls, VPN, 2FA and policy based controls.












FileNubo is Perfect for



FileNubo help to secure files and personal information both online and offline.

Educational Institutions


FileNubo helps to secure files sharing among students and colleagues.

Private Sector

Private Sector

FileNubo helps to secure any file sharing in the private sector.



Government must use file sharing to secure your files.

  • Price
  • Storage
  • Users
  • Private Cloud Storage
  • Upgradeable to More Users
  • Access Control
  • Personal, Shared, Guest Folders Support
  • Web, Mac OS and Windows PC, iOS, Android Support
  • Administrator Access
  • Folders Synchronization
  • Scheduled Folders Deletion
  • Scheduled Links Deactivation
  • Custom Branding
  • Read-Write Controls
  • IP Address Access Control
  • Standard Support
  • JumpQ Priority Support
  • End-to-end VPN Option
  • On-Site Support Option
  • Disaster Recovery Option
  • Customized Storage Option
  • FileNubo 150

  • S$99.95


  • 150GB
  • 5
  • FileNubo 500

  • S$199.95


  • 500GB
  • 5

Not Sure? Signetique Can Help!

3S FileNubo

Private Cloud Storage
Private Cloud Storage

With Optional VPN Access

Large File Sharing
Large File Sharing

With Support of Unlimited File Size

Enterprise Plan Support
Enterprise Plan Support

Customized End-to-End Security Features

Are you ready to share, access and store files anytime?

Our FileNubo experts are here to help

Our FileNubo Secure File Sharing include

Daily Backups
Daily Backups

FileNubo provides daily backups when you forget to keep a backup.

Uptime Guaranteed
Uptime guaranteed

FileNubo offers 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Ad free and Private
Ad-free and private

Private & ad-free browsing in Chrome and Chromium.

Device-aware Webmail
Device-aware Webmail

Webmail is also device-aware, and will optimize its interface to better suit your needs.

Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
Calendar, Contacts, Tasks

Easy & Fast Sync with Android, iPhone, Palm, and Google – for Mac and Windows 10.

Enterprise Grade Email Server
Enterprise-grade email server

Ensure reliable file sharing every time, all the time.

Mobile Sync
Mobile sync

Sync, backup, share and protect your smartphone with more features.

Spam and Virus Protection
Spam and Virus protection

Provide spam and virus filters to protect your computer and smartphone.