Unsolicited Commercial E-mail or “Spam” or “Viruses” sent from any Signetique Account or any websites/server hosted on our network that offers any services that support spam or UCE activities are not tolerated.

Unsolicited Commercial E-mail or “Spam” or “Viruses” sent from anywhere on the Internet to any websites/server hosted on our network will not be tolerated.

UCE includes any e-mail that promotes web sites hosted on a Signetique Virtual server, Dedicated Server or Co-located Server sent from an email address not associated with a Signetique account.

UCE includes any e-mail that in anyway harasses, threatens or abuses authorized representatives of Signetique, including but not limited to tech support representatives, customer relations representatives, and sales representatives, or otherwise abuse any of Signetique’s services.

Spam includes any e-mail that is sent on purpose to multiple parties within Signetique despite being told not to do so.

Signetique will give a warning to the customer (or the reseller/email contact) after the first incident of such a violation.

After the second violation, the account will be terminated or banned without any further warnings. When terminated or banned, Signetique reserves the right whether to re-activate the account at any time in its own convenience.

SPAM or UCE received from networks outside of Signetique may be banned immediately without prior warning.

To protect our network and servers against Spam, unsolicited email, Viruses or activities which Signetique considers unethical, Signetique reserves the right to ban any IPs, domains, email, email content or computers whether within or outside of its network from accessing any computers or equipment of its network WITHOUT any prior warning.

Please send any complaints from non publicly available or anonymous email systems (e.g.yahoo.com). We will not entertain emails from non verifiable people.

We believe strongly in promoting “netiquette”, or proper use of the Internet. A strong anti-spamming policy will benefit all of us by establishing Signetique & our customers as effective sources of good intentioned businesses. In addition, it’ll save our customers from having to pay heavy network and bandwidth costs associated with Spam or UCE.

Announcement: We wish to inform you Signetique will now be operating under Exabytes. Click here for more information.